Gramais: A Pearl of the Lechtal

        It was beginning of spring when a group of German and Austrian friends had decided to camp in the smallest village of Austria. The village is located in the high alpine in the middle of the mountain peak and slopes. Gramais has only at least 46 inhabitants, the reason why it is the smallest autonomous town in Austria, in the state of Tirol. People there lovingly call their home ‘A Pearl of the Lechtal’. They are surrounded by clear alpine lakes and rivers that flow through the valley. The unbreakable silence of nature is irresistible. One would just simply close their eyes and cuddle with the normally shy wildlife and the place has a lot to offer to sports maniacs and nature lovers. These are the few things that make Gramais special.

Not so high rocky mountain, we have to walk up from 3 to 5 hours more to see the rest
Trying to beat the cold with my smiling BUNGISNGIS face
Just another mountain along the way
Sitting down between the hills and mountains
And the weather is kinda not friendly
Stealing some camera shot from my models

How to get there  

        Gramais is very accessible via a well-developed road. The town itself is approximately 1320 meters above the ground. Unfortunately, it cannot be reached by a public transport like trains or even by bus.  Get your car’s tank ready with full gas inside it and start to enjoy the surrounding mountains while on the road for hours to Gramais by using a road map or a GPS. Important note, there is no grocery shop around the town. It takes at least an hour to get to the next town to buy food. Either bring food  before driving up or drive the next day to get food. The decision is yours.

Thank you for the ride Phips. That was nice of you and a fun roadtrip LOL

Things to do in Gramais

         We were a group of seven people who tried to break our shell and got out from the reality where there is only stress of workloads. That’s when we decided to gather together in one place, booked a holiday house spacious enough for seven people with big kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom at an affordable cost for 4 days and 3 nights stay.  Our way of day-to-day entertainment was on the form of a mind blowing card games that originally comes from a video game ( mind blowing because I was just so slow to understand it LOL ) but all of us enjoyed playing it though. This activity is just an option to do there. The most popular activities to do in Gramais are hiking and mountaineering in the mountains of the Lechtal Alps specially in spring, but exemplary good in summer because the snow will all be molten and the air will be warmer. If you prefer to go in winter, Gramais also offers a variety of ski trails to satisfy your ski sport cravings. There are various mountain destinations, each of which has an altitude between 2000 and 3000 meters respectively which perfectly provide refreshing moments to your whole being. I would highly susggest to bring the right outfit to fully enjoy the stay. I brought the wrong one i thought was right, it was only fun at the beginning, but after like three hours of walking, it was not fun at all.

One Saturday morning the group decided to take a walk
This is the heart of the alps going to the mountain
Passing through the trail that divides the mountains
And the trail is full of stones and gravels falling down from the rocky creature
And streams flowing through the trail
Took a break to chitchat
Discussing if we continue climbing up to 3000 meters high with our kinda wrong hiking outfit, preferred not to
They probably find me the cutest dwarf who has ever lived, not sure though LOL


Can you imagine yourself in the middle of the crystallized mountain in winter? How about in the middle of a greenly meadow in summer? Why not call your friends and head yourselves up to the Pearl of the Lechtal? 🙂

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About the author:


Nethchie is a tiny and petite human being from the gorgeous Philippines, married to an Austrian guy. She is now currently living in Austria wandering around the Austrian Alps while enjoying the landscape and adapting the culture. She loves adventures, natures, mountains, beaches, language and culture.  Travelling has always been her dream. 



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  1. I am glad that this article is helpful for you. I will write more about my place and all my travel when i get a chance 🙂 . If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂

    Cheers from Tirol Austria

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