My New Home is a Piece of Paradise

        Succeeding months after being married to an Austrian guy, I had decided to resign from a Data Analyst job in Cebu, and followed to my better half on the other side of the world. It was winter in February 2015 when I moved to my husband’s place in Tirol, a state in Austria.  I already felt the alps welcoming heart while my husband and his father drove me home from Munich airport. I discovered a real beauty of nature along the way. At first glance, I was screaming and rejoicing. I was annoyingly noisy like a little girl. It was just a priceless feeling I couldn’t help. I felt like I am in paradise and I couldn’t believe that  this paradise is my new home. Tirol is a western Austrian province, north of Italy and South of Germany. It is known as a great place in the world to ski because of its magnificent landscape. The whole landscape of Tirol is formed by mountains and valleys that has a varied rock composition and appearance, and they are everywhere. Once you get to the heart of the Alps, you’ll feel like you are exalted to heaven where you only feel pure joy and pleasure you have never felt before.  During winter, the mountain peaks and slopes are covered with a naturally pulverized luminous crystal in the form of snowflakes falling down from the sky, and it is greenly clear slope in summer. The touch of the fantastic natural environment and bucolic surroundings captivate your attention, you will never get tired of embracing and staring at it. The clear mountain streams dispose all the bitterness and temperament you feel. It automatically cleans your soul and relax your spirit. I cannot wait to share with you 5 of the interesting things about Tirol.

1. Mountains

      Tirol is one the most visited places in Austria because of its amazingly majestic terrain, that is how Tirol claims its fame. There are various mountain destinations in Tirol each of which has a high altitude in an eccentric semblance.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing in winter and hiking and mountaineering in summer then Tirol is exactly the place for you. There are numerous of well-maintained trails for winter and summer activities. This wildlife will just simply offer you and your group an ultimate experience you could ever get. Enough of the stress life brings you, head yourself out into an enchanting landscape and come across the nature as you explore this beauty.

Autumn in Kirchdorf, Tirol .Photography credits to Peter Pischler
North of Innsbruck called Nordkette with approximately 2,600 meters highest peak elevation.
Hafelkarspitze mountain, just a few meters below the highest peak of Nordkette.


2. Castles, Fortresses and Palaces

      People back in the days built castles and fortresses to protect their villages from the enemies. Austria fought a lot many years back. This is one of  the reasons why there are numbers of splendor castles and ancient mansions in close distance to wherever you are in the west. Do you want to do a castle hopping and follow the footsteps of the emperors? You may want to think about it now 🙂

Kufstein Fortress, Kufstein Tirol.
Imperial Palace, Innsbruck Tirol.
Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte, Tirol .


3. Churches

      Churches are the holy and spiritual buildings of Tirol that are firmly standing until now with full of historical art treasures. Each churches  has its own structural characteristics whether it is built in small or large sizes.

St. Jacob Cathedral , Innsbruck Tirol .
Inside St. Jacob Cathedral, Innsbruck , Tirol.
Gramais church, Gramais Tirol.


4. Culture and Tradition

      Culture and tradition in Tirol are of great value for Tirolians and it is being adapted by foreigners like myself who is living here. Culture is part of every day’s life here. The adorable landscape  may change over a period of time but the culture and tradition will still be preserved, may it be holy christmas time where people stay at home to spend time with their  respective family in the form of eating, chitchats, and exchanging gifts; different festivals and carnivals that are celebrated every year, welcoming the day of resurrection or Easter Sunday where the elderly hide colorful easter eggs together with sweets around the backyard, house or in the garden  to be found by children.

I just found my sweet goodies and easter eggs under the tree from grandma 🙂 
Sweet bunnies.


5. History and Infrastructures

     Experience the taste of the ancient buildings and infrastructures not only in Tirol but all over Austria and even the whole Europe. It is fascinating how much effort the Europeans put to keep buildings like houses, churches, castles, fortresses intact.

Golden Roof, Innsbruck Tirol. “Completed in 1500, the roof was decorated with 2,738 fire-gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximilian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza. The Emperor and his wife used the balcony to observe festivals, tournaments, and other events that took place in the square below.” – WIKI.
Close up view of the Golden Roof .
Maria Theresa street Innsbruck.
Herzog Friedrich street, Innsbruck Tirol.


These are just few of the beautiful things about Tirol. What can you say about my new home? What do you think about Tirol? Leave a comment below 🙂

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About the Author:


Nethchie is a tiny and petite human being from the gorgeous Philippines, married to an Austrian guy. She is now currently living in Austria wandering around the Austrian Alps while enjoying the landscape and adapting the culture. She loves adventures, natures, mountains, beaches, language and culture. Travelling has always been her dream.  



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