Not all who Wander are Lost

It was mid-May when sunny day in spring had finally came, my friends and I just couldn’t help but went out and wandered off the mountain while enjoying the heat of the sun that shined so brilliantly, the clean fresh air, the scenic views and the majestic landscape.

There are several hiking trails in Tirol but we had decided to take the one in Brixen im Thale going to the Hochbrixen 1300 meters above sea level. Normally it takes only 25 minutes to get up there if one is a really a beast hiker but for us, it took two hours just because we had photography sessions and number of breaks. We started hiking at 12 noon. The sun was so bright and the surroundings were so green that made the journey even more interesting. We finally arrived in Hochbrixen at 2 o’clock in the afternoon (starving) haha. Glad there is a restaurant there that serves local food where we sat for an hour while enjoying the surrounding mountains,  food and  few glasses of beer. Surprisingly, there is also a mountain lake  five minutes walk from the restaurant known as lake Filzalm or just simply Filzamlsee in german. The lake is so clear that you can see the fish right up to the shore. It’s a charming alpine scenery that would care your well being. From the lake, we took on a different trail on our way down assuming  it is closer, without any idea where the trail would led us to. After an hour of walking, we found ourselves in the middle of the forest, we felt lost. The last thing we could do was to follow the rays of the sun. To our surprised, a marvelous view had welcomed us, close to the highest point of Hohe Salve. We didn’t mind the body pain we felt, overwhelmed by how amazing this world is,  we just wanted to take a good look at it. It was so refreshing to the body, mind and soul. The fun part had arised, when we found out we had to walk four hours to get down. My tiny body was shocked  by the fact, it was going to be another four hours of great adventure up there while finding our way down. Luckily we got home safe and sound with firmed legs and amazing feeling (and oh i forgot to mention body pain :p). Nevertheless, it was really one of the great expeiences I ever had.

Here are some of our photos. Enjoy!























































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