Bregenz: A City in the Lakeshore

Summer is already here in Austria. My most awaited season of the year when i feel like i’m home in Philippines. Whenever i hear the word summer, i picture myself lying under the heat of the sun on a white sandy beach that i used to do at home. Austria is popular for its ski resorts and beautiful landscape in a form of majectic mountains. But, this doesn’t mean that people here and  tourists do not have pleasure in the summer, because Austria has various beaches on the shores of its mountain lakes. One of the stunning lakes that i have currently visited is the Lake of Constance in Bregenz, the 2000 years old capital city in the province of  Vorarlberg. The city is stunningly situated right in the lakeshore of Constance, the third largest lake in Central Europe between Switzerland in the west and Germany in the Northwest. It offers not only huge beach where you can relax and sunbathe on a woodbridge or on a concrete stair with family and friends but also boating and cruise ship services. Bregenz has also numerous cultural institution including museum and galleries that you can enjoy.

How to get there

Like all cities in Austria, Bregenz is very accessible via public transport like trains and buses, but of course you can also drive there by car. It  takes only 3 hours from Tirol . If you are new to Austria, download the ÖBB app. It is one of Austria’s largest transportation company. Once you have the app, simply type your point of origin and the place of destination, everything will follow . Normally, there is a train from Innsbruck going to Switzerland, get on this train and stop at  Feldkirch in Vorarlberg. Then get the train from Feldkirch going to Lindau and stop in Bregenz. The lake is just 50 meters away from the train station to the left. Here are some of the photos!








































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About the Author:

Nethchie is a tiny and petite human being from the gorgeous Philippines, married to an Austrian guy. She is now currently living in Austria wandering around the Austrian Alps while enjoying the landscape and adapting the culture. She loves adventures, natures, mountains, beaches, language and culture. Travelling has always been her dream.



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