Stockholm Sweden

Every time I look outside  my window, I feel lucky to be living around beautiful nature and  i get to witness how  leaves transform into a flower. Autumn it is and It makes me reminisce those memories I have with my husband last year around this time in Stockholm. I can’t help, I have to write it out.

Patrick and myself have always love Scandinavian countries mainly because of the Northern lights or the Aurora Borealis and many more that we want to see not only on videos and pictures but on our own eyes. Just last year, we decided to visit the Swedish capital Stockholm first. We knew that we fell inlove with it immediately because of its historical architecture and a city on a sea. So after a spending a week in Barcelona, I flew to Sweden and met my husband there. We rented a boat and stayed in the shore for 1 week. The first thing I noticed about Stockholm is that almost of the entire city is built on the sea  the lack of sunshine. It was cloudy every day the whole time we were there which is quite normal and some of the people there loves this because they can be productive, being cozy at home without feeling bad. I was so amazed by their Arlanda express transport from the airport to the city itself. Besides it is so fast, it is climate friendly and you get to enjoy the nature and forest along the way.

Like we always love to do, we walked around the city of Stockholm hand in hand, getting lost together while enjoying the spectacular natural beauty that is set on a hundred of islands in the lagoon and taking delight on that beautiful architecture characterized by colorful buildings. Although it was very cold in my standard, I was spent as much as I could exploring the beauty of the city with the love of my life.  By the way, we didn’t care about being completely lost as you can count on with the Swedish, they are very friendly and helpful if you ask your way back. I can’t wait to share with you the thing I got to experience and saw in Stockholm.

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