Amsterdam – The Netherlands

What is exciting about unplanned trip? IT HAPPENS. Travelling when you least expect is far more memorable in my point of view because the experience is raw when the adventure is unplanned and spontaneous. I have to be honest, this trip was originally planned by my group of friends but in the end i had to convince my husband to go with me of course he cannot say no to his spoiled brat wife haha so it turned to be an unexpected couple adventure in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

My first impression of Amestersdam is that the whole city lies on bodies of water. I am bombarded by the majestic and often man made crooked canal houses lined up along th rippling dark water and encircled the whole city. I admire how Dutch take Physics to the highest level when it comes to building houses, some of them leans to the right, others to the left, back and front. The house buildings have unique features, they even put metal hook at the top of each building to let alone furnitures in and out through the windows. Due to lack of land, some families build a house  on a boat. The number of bikes that i saw at every streets mezmerize me. It outnumbers the number of cars and its overall population. Amsterdam has variety of reasons to visitnot only from their unique architecture as well as their cultural heritage and the works of painters from the golden age that will bring you back to medieval era

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