Bregenz: A City in the Lakeshore

Summer in Austria is here already. My most awaited season of the year where i feel like i am home in Philippines. Whenever i hear the word summer, I picture myself lying under the heat of the sun on a white sandy beach that i used to do at home. Austria is popular of its ski resorts and beautiful landscape in a form of majestic mountains, but nobody said about beaches, this doesn’t mean  that people living here and  tourists do not have the pleasure in the summer,because Austria has various beaches on the shores of its mountain lakes. One of the lakes that i have currently visited is the Constance lake in Bregenz. Bregenz is a 2000 years old city in a province of Vorarlberg Austia that is situated in the shore of the Constance Lake.The lake is the largest in central Europe between Switzerland in the west and Germany in the northwest.